The Menabrea Art Prize 2011

The Double
Antithetical to the idea of perfect copy, the double is marked by the traces
of a carbon-paper filter, a never reflecting otherness, and the syncopated rhythm
of a narrative core.

The Artists
Valentino Diego
Anna Franceschini
Postcards From Beirut
Mirko Smerdel (WINNER)

The Jury
Vincenzo de Bellis (curator)
Adrienne Drake (foundation director)
Nicola Furini (gallery director)
Jacopo Giacomini (art collector)
Silvia Macchetto (art communication consultant)
Attilio Rappa (art collector)

Promoted by Untitled Association

The Menabrea Art Prize was founded in 2011 by Untitled Association and Birra Menabrea. The annual award aims to promote emerging Italian artists working with a variety of media – from video to sculpture, and from graphic design to collage – and who are not yet represented by art galleries.
The contest aims to explore a variety of artistic studies and approaches, thus representing a true challenge for all of the participating artists.
For the first four editions, the five finalists and the theme of Menabrea Art Prize had been selected by CURA., media partner of Untitled Association initiatives.