We are looking forward to welcome you to Artissima in Turin!

Artissima, Turin
3 – 5 November 2017

Del disegno disposto alla pittura.
Riccardo Baruzzi

Saturday 04 November
14.00 – 15.00

with Riccardo Baruzzi (artist), Luca Bertolo (artist), Davide Ferri (independent curator), Alessandro Rabottini (independent curator, artistic director Miart)

The encounter is an opportunity to present Del disegno disposto alla pittura, the first monograph on Riccardo Baruzzi – containing a selection of images of works made from 2010 to the present, and writings by Alessandro Rabottini, Davide Ferri and Luca Bertolo – and to discuss, from different angles, his poetics and certain specific aspects of the medium of painting, such as the relationship between figuration and abstract synthesis, and the boundary between the material dimension of the painting, the “painting as object,” and that of painting as a tool of representation and narration.
The discussion covers emblematic works by Baruzzi like the Portapittura, devices that bring together paintings of small-medium format that become interchangeable, non-authorial entities, arranged in variable and indefinite sequences; Ordine, a series of paintings that contain drawings, where the thin canvas offers a glimpse of the material structure of the painting and the drawing placed inside the frame; all the way to the recent still lifes in which the artist separates line and color, simultaneously using both sides of the canvas to give rise to fragile compositions, images of fruit that seem to contain the last vestige of vitality and a forewarning of decay.