Come to visit us in Paris, where CURA. is pleased to announce its participation at FIAC, Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain (October 20-23, 2016) and at Paris Internationale (October 19-22, 2016).

In purchasing a copy of CURA. 23 you will have the chance to read, with Lorenzo Benedetti, about the undertakings of Arnold Rüdlinger, a visionary forerunner of today’s curatorial practices; you will enter in a virtual world, inhabited by animals and other creatures given to us by Jon Rafman, thanks to Bret Schneider’s detailed text; to be accompanied by Ian Cheng’s Shiba – thanks to the artist’s conversation with Elvia Wilk – who guides us through an obstacle course and a role reversal. Or get caught by an object unexpectedly found in a bag, as during the last edition of FIAC, thanks to the ephemeral actions of Davide Balula, described by Daniel S. Palmer. You can also scour with Anthony Huberman the great exhibitions of the past, on the subject of the machine, and then observe its developments in upcoming issues; or, moreover, you can rediscover Vincent Honoré’s iconic artists, starting with Carolee Schneeman and the performative expression of the “painters’s arena”. And, speaking of time, this will all be accompanied, through experience, accumulation and studio practice, the procedural nature of the exhibition projects of Emmanuelle Lainé; additionally, a sense of the ineffable and intangible materializes in Pilvi Takala’s exhibition at CCA Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, introduced by Luís Silva and João Mourão; and if time is measured in cycles, there are the cycles to be found in Cayteano Ferrer’s process, introduced by Olivian Cha, which engages with the recovery of history, past and present, and its musealization. Additionally, you can read about Athena Papadopoulos’ work – here in conversation with Samuel Leuenberger – focused upon a re-actualization of autobiographical elements as a point of departure for her practice. Matthew Linde’s Center for Style, presented by Anna Gritz, addresses other issues. Its aggregative project investigates the dress as an image, text, statement, and object to be displayed in full autonomy by the body that wears it. How else could we entice you? With the incredible new project of Guan Xiao and with our HOT! selection: among the artists to keep an eye, we give you Julien Nguyen, Rachel Maclean, Antoine Renard and Louisa Martin!

Finally, Thursday October 20th, from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, join us at Valentin Paris, where CURA. 23 will be the gallery’s special guest in the frame of the gallery night.