Paolo Canevari – Monuments of the Memory (2011-2015)

MAY 30 – 31, 2015

On the occasion of GRANPALAZZO, CURA. presents an installation by Paolo Canevari, a Roman artist based in New York, active since the early nineties with solo and group exhibitions taking place in major Italian and foreign museums.

For his intervention at Palazzo Rospigliosi, the artist has been working on a large-scale installation involving monochrome canvases, that although relating in their form and dimensions to a shared cultural and artistic heritage, emphasize the idea of absence, the power of individual imagination, the concept of identity, disconnected from the widespread desire of social recognition, and finally on the need to build one’s own iconography, not influenced by the constant visual stimuli of mass consumerism.

The work is part of Paolo Canevari’s most recent research, which from 2011, has been investigating, through the concept of absence, personal and intimate aspects in relation to the work of art and its universal meaning.