Paolo Chiasera – THE FOG

Language: En
Dimension: 280 x 200 mm
Pages: 26
Edition of 100 copies
Year: 2011
€ 20.00

in collaboration with:
Bergen Kunsthall, Fondazione Galleria Civica di Trento, S.M.A.K., MAMbo, De Vleeshal


THE FOG is an artist’s book project by Paolo Chiasera. The project is based on different layers of visibility, which creates what is supposed to be the fog. Playing with the viewer’s perception, Paolo Chiasera focuses on the relationship between the different actors of the art world, in particular on the figures of the artist, art work, viewer and institutions. The reader, after having run through the entire book in the fog, ends in an open sky, clear, where the truth has been unveiled.