All Day All Year. David Maljkovic at T293, Rome

Croatian artist David Maljkovic has been repeatedly problematizing the notion of studio space – a research started with Place with Limited Premeditation (2003-04) and then further developed with the project Temporary Projection (2011) at Georg Kargl Gallery in Vienna, where Maljkovic placed a fictive studio. All Day All Year, his brand new solo show at T293, Rome, presents a sort of a continuity with these projects, but here the studio does not become a format – here it represents a position, defined by its space and location. The show does not thematize the objectness of the working space, rather focusing on its artefactual nature, and fragmentariness. This fragmentary quality is present in all the installations in the exhibition, in order to give form to the broken reality of the artist’s everyday space. Alongside working desks and fragments of the studio floor transformed into pedestals dislocated all around the gallery space, All Day All Year also includes two-dimensional works – a print on canvas, colored with oil paint, and a print on archival cardboard, in which the very process of deconstructing the studio space into several frames creates a new reality of presentation.

All Day All Year by David Maljkovic
T293, Rome
Through July 16