Basteln. Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio

Basteln, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio’s solo show in the new Trastevere space of T293 in Rome, brings together a new series of works conceived by the artist as visual reports on today’s everyday reality. With that cultured, acute and sardonic style that has always characterized his practice, Scotto di Luzio stages the parody of a reality that is profoundly unjust, highlighting the anxieties, fear of failing and volitional impulses that nurture it. Further to the perverse compulsion towards possession, and the narcissistic anxiety of self-representation that are so typical of this historical time, Scotto di Luzio takes inspiration from a children’s book full of faces to color in and decorate with various stickers. This way, his portraits take the form of a tomato, a lemon, a smiling girl, of an oval adorned by a string of pearls, and of an abstract face that is slowly decomposing. The show also includes a series of sculptures, spread all over the gallery rooms. One of those, made of steel bars and basket balls (Stick Man Kills Stick Man, 2015) depicts its subjects at the very moment of an execution – like those we hear of every day.

Basteln by Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio
T293, Rome
Through March 26