Cécile B. Evans at Lira Gallery, Rome

Cécile B. Evans’s question is: what does it mean to be “a person”?
And the answer is that sometimes  it means being different people, in the realm of the Internet at least.
Lira exposes Working on What the Heart Wants, three live-stream videos in which the visitor can follow the production of What the Heart Wants. The production consists of many individuals from around the world, such as freelances, animators, renderers and compositors, and “copes with what happens when a new system is established, a system which aims to ‘be human’”.

The idea of choice becomes protagonist, as we discover what happens when choices (or a lack of choices) are revealed. It’s clear that the feelings about a work totally change when the artist gives viewers an intimate look at the work’s interior life before it is finished. On the other side it’s not easy to distinguish “the boundaries between the live and the recorded, the physical contact and the online connection.”
And the imaginary is so wide that it goes from Hollywood Star System to modern anime (Yowane Haku, which means negative sayings/thoughts); from marine biology to Saltzman House, designed by Richard Meier in 1967. Cécile B. Evans re-defines how many forces are necessary to build “a human”, notwithstanding any doubts as to whether it’s real or not.

Working on What the Heart Wants by Cécile B. Evans
Lira Gallery, Rome
Through July 2