Clémence de La Tour du Pin at Pastiss Underground Fortress, Turin

The exhibition is installed 13 meters underground in the galleries, tunnels and combat rooms of the Pastiss Underground Fortress, built in the XVI Century by Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy. Buried since 1705, the space opens to the public for the very first time on the occasion of the exhibition.

La Tour du Pin envisions Pastiss’ labyrinthine network of tunnels as intrauterine architecture, which she compares to the unconscious side of the city of Torino – with its forgotten souls, desires and hidden phobias. 
For ‘sept préludes’ the artist has developed a space-sensitive walk in the depths of the Fortress, involving displacement interventions, fictional elements and gaseous sample systems. In this psychogeographical exploration of the space visitors are invited to develop an alternative awareness of the underground landscape through sensorial immersion and non-linear narrative guided tours.

Nourishing her fascination for her great-uncle Charles de Brosses – who coined the term “fetishism” and explored the Cittadella in 1740 – the artist has set up filter systems at some of the deepest points of the galleries in order to seek and extract samples of shadows and impurities preserved in the atmosphere of the place.

“There is a temporary consecration for young women or girls suffering from an attack of hysterical vapors (…). They believe that these girls have been touched by the serpent who, having conceived an inclination for them, has inspired this sort of furor” (Charles de Brosses, “On the Worship of Fetish Gods”, from “The Returns of Fetichism: Charles de Brosses and the Afterlives of an Idea”, University of Chicago, 2017)

“sept préludes” by Clémence de La Tour du Pin

Curated by Treti Galaxie
Pastiss Underground Fortress, Turin
Through November 29