Davide Balula at Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles

Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles is hosting until October 29 Broken Things Float Faster, New York-based artist Davide Balula’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. Balula has created new works on-site that prioritize shade, wind and water, with formal sculptures serving as vehicles for abstruse effects. A wood plank suspends from rafted ceilings by twine, treated with water-resistant coating, holding pools of water on its surface. The water is only distinguishable as a live, moving element when the plank stirs in the draft of an open door or passerby. Four elements – wood, twine, water and gravity – produce a captivating effect that highlights water in its purest form. A series of abstracted vents and awnings line the adjacent gallery. The vents, minimal structures with texture and palette borrowed from Southern Californian architecture, each boast a unique internal logic. Outfitted with custom fans, air is drawn into channels and exhaled through precisely routed facades, produced from digital traces of the artist’s hand. Balula’s abstracted takes on metropolitan storefront awnings are uncanny in their simplicity. Hanging low, their unusual scale calls into question our collective architectural memory. Subtle colored spotlights on the awnings amplify the shade beneath them, rendering the “true white” of the wall the opposite color of the spotlight. In conjunction with the show, Balula has restaged Interrupting Words with Burp Sounds, a performance in which brass and wind musicians play a reactional score of belches prompted by the consumption of drinks and infusions unique to each instrument, including garlic and vinegar concoctions.

Broken Things Float Faster by Davide Balula
Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles
Through October 29