Democracy. Neil Beloufa at Ghebaly Gallery

Democracy is Neil Beloufa’s third solo exhibition at Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles. Over the past decade, Beloufa has worked in video, sculpture and installation, composing digital and physical spaces that complicate the viewer’s trust in the screen as a medium for generative information and culture. The show in Los Angeles features two sculptural environments as arenas for recent video works: Data for Desire (2014) and World Domination (2012), each furthering his examination and commentary of media systems and perception in a digital age. The exhibition begins with an installation of to-scale objects from a postmodern home rendered solely in twisted rebar and resin. A central installation containing a hearth, wardrobe and salon positions the viewer in a life-size drawing, with washes of resin coloring each object and scene with action. Fixed to the grid walls of the centerpiece is the film Data for Desire; the kinetic installation The first dinosaur, lampshade, fertility and complete denial (2014) is composed of steel with a motorized sculpted fiberglass dinosaur. In the video World Domination, finally, Beloufa casts non-actors as world leaders declaring war on one another to solve fundamental issues in their countries. The resulting film is a candid study of power, employing streaming news media and reality television tropes to discuss themes of self and state surveillance, capitalist economies at odds and communication mediated by cloudy, cross-wired channels.

Democracy by Neil Beloufa
Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles
Through July 30