Double Blind. Margo Wolowiec

Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles is hosting until March 12 Double Blind, Margo Wolowiec’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Wolowiec’s newest series of work expands upon her distinct woven practice with three new freestanding sculptures grounded by a large double-paneled wall work. In this body of work, the artist continues her examination of digitally sourced images while presenting the viewer with a conflicted field of doubles. An automated algorithm triggered by various “trending” hashtags yield colorful, suggestive imagery. The images are abstracted through the artist’s process of dye sublimation transfer onto polymer threads and weaving them together on a handloom. Like a double blind procedure in which neither the subjects nor those administering the experiment know what is at stake, Wolowiec’s practice mixes chance and intention. The freestanding pieces in this exhibition mark a continued foray into the territory of sculpture, pairing architectural steel with woven panels. Referencing the dimensions of a doorframe, these new works signify transition and multiple dualities – in/out, seen/unseen – indicating an exploration of the threshold as a space for transformation.

Double Blind by Margo Wolowiec
Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles
Through March 12