Filippo Berta and Calixto Ramirez at smART, Rome

smART – polo per l’arte presents Una Sola Moltitudine, a double-solo exhibition by the artists Filippo Berta (1977) and Calixto Ramirez (1980), curated by Saverio Verini.
Both active in Italy, but frequently participating in international exhibitions, Berta and Ramírez are united by a rigorous, conscious and recognizable artistic development, closely linked to the use of the body and its relationship with the landscape, the spaces of the city, and other more intimate contexts. The idea for the exhibition is based on the similarities between the two artists: their choice of the performance as a favourite medium, their use of the human body, the physical and psychological tension that dominates their actions, and their translation of performances into “concrete” pictures that have an iconic and visually meaningful character. Una sola moltitudine intends to present two diametrically opposite approaches towards the idea of the performance: on the one hand the collective dimension and the research into human relations of Philip Berta, and the other the very pronounced individuality of Calixto Ramírez.

The performances of Filippo Berta, which aways involve groups of “ordinary” people, force us to face the relentless banality of our actions and, at the same time, their inestimable power. These gestures are able to imprint themselves on the eyes of the beholder, and they become shared rituals that come to populate a collective imagination consisting of humanity and disillusionment, encounters and conflicts. Filippo Berta emphasizes the banal action and he repeats it and amplifies it, turning it almost into an act of heroism and resistance, and highlighting the extra-ordinary aspects of our everyday lives.
Calixto Ramírez uses his body almost exclusively as a measure of surrounding reality, as a sculptural element that takes on a shape and a position in its relation to its physical context. His work is characterized by a radical economy of means and for the artist his own physical presence is sufficient to give life to disturbing and unpredictable performances with a strong visual impact. The works of Berta and Ramírez “will face each other” in the exhibition space, creating a dialogue between two different approaches to the idea of the performance.

Una Sola Moltitudine by Filippo Berta and Calixto Ramírez
smART – polo per l’arte, Rome
Through March 10