Frammenti di Paradiso. Collezione Agovino at Le Scalze, Naples

Collezione Agovino presents its third exhibition, the first in a public space, entitled Frammenti di Paradiso (Fragments of Paradise), curated by Fabio Agovino and Francesca Blandino.

Constructed like a map, the exhibition sets out a route that explores the spiritual sphere of human existence, passing through territories of damnation and discomfort before reaching the diaphanous atmosphere of paradise, the realm of possibility, where the unveiling of the meaning of things becomes the basis for the creation of new worlds. The setting is to be the 17th Century church of San Giuseppe delle Scalze a Pontecorvo, situated on the slope of a set of steps in the heart of the old Avvocata quarter of Naples. Long- since deconsecrated, the church, seemingly hidden behind an imitation baroque facade, represents within the city a space for the present, an environment which, with its historic legacy and monumental architecture, continues to fascinate and inspire. The aura of sacredness pervading this space led Collezione Agovino to select it as the ideal backdrop for the exhibition, an itinery made up of works that attempt to redefine the order of reality itself, of time and of spaces, in the ultimate sense. The act of collecting, a way of reinterpretating incessantly the world around us, does not provide us with an exhaustive description, nor does it reduce to a handy, simplified concept the search for meaning; instead it announces secret and intimate, almost divinatory, correspondences between things in the inexhaustable complexity of the world. Just as in map-making, Frammenti di Paradiso expresses a need to relocate the fragmented unity that connects all things, an element that Heraclitus previously proposed as a basis for the cosmos and which, in the internal sphere, represents a paradisical state, the realm of truth, of light and of God. The works on display, almost all recent aquisitions, are disseminated amidst polychromatic marble, with the rippling effect of the walls and the shadows dancing in the nooks and crannies of the church resulting in a constellation that seems endlessly unfolding and transcendental, like tracks leading from the smallest of tiny details towards the absolute. The exhibition is a journey which, like that of Dante, configures multiple plot-lines that together can represent the totality of the Man-God, a flux of being that, according to Walter Benjamin, only art can express. The exhibition has benefitted from the patronage (or rather, matronage) of the Donnaregina Foundation for contemporary art of Naples.

Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Francesco Arena, Lutz Bacher, Luca Bertolo, Ethan Cook, Michael Dean, Luca De Leva, Lorenzo Scotto Di Luzio, Fabian Henrkenhoener, Merlin James, Esther Klas, Runo Lagomarsino, David Maljkovic, Damir Ocko, Pietro Roccasalva, Andres Serrano, Kiki Smith, Michael E. Smith, Martin Soto Climent, Alberto Tadiello, Josh Tonsfeldt, Sergio Vega.

Frammenti di Paradiso. Collezione Agovino
Through June 5