Gina Folly at Ermes-Ermes, Vienna

Folly’s practice has focused on a multitude of cultural and social phenomena. Society, plants, animals, as well as everyday objects and situations play a vital role in her work.

I want you to live in my city presents a new body of work consisting of five video projections in cardboard boxes, and a series of keychain objects. The cardboard boxes act as placeholders for an environment: a stand-in for the idea of a room, with four walls and a ceiling, a door with a lock for privacy, vents and filters for fresh air intake. Each keychain object holds a key to a corresponding lock on the cardboard boxes, for allowing or withholding access. These elements play with the idea of privacy, as in whom you want or not to share your space with, much as the filters hint at basic survivability (you cannot exist in a space without air). Moreover, the boxes act as on-the-go living spaces, instantly foldable and ready to move on to the next location, small portable autonomous vessels for living. Inside the boxes, small snippets of captured beauty are projected and looped; sunlight bounces off a closing window, tiny fish perform grooming tasks, a Buddha statue mystifyingly looks on to passersby, and so on. Folly transfers these ecstatic daily glimpses from the corner of the eye to the mini projectors, creating ephemeral mnemonic capsules which keep shimmering in the makeshift domestic spaces.

I want you to live in my city by Gina Folly
Ermes-Ermes, Vienna
Through May 3