The exhibition plays around the content and the meaning of how the space has been used during the past years, as garconnieres for secret rendez-vous.

The objects found in the space and a conversation between a man and her lover, eavesdropped through the walls and brought back to memory after several years, are the starting point of the artist who works with the theme of the double reality – other life – meeting someone in an other place out of the daily life which at the same time it’s reality and a part of the life.

There is always a double moment which is mirrored. Its about the inside and the outside and the sense of past times. You can still sense the bodies who loved each other and have spent time together, the feelings which have been all over the space.

Other Life presents a body of work consisting of lights, objects, and drawings, and installed in three different rooms. Each rooms has those three elements repeated.

Studioli Rome

October 28 – November 12 2017