Giorgio Griffa: Works on Paper at Fondazione Giuliani Rome

Fondazione Giuliani, Rome is hosting until April 9 a solo exhibition of Turin-based artist Giorgio Griffa, entirely devoted to his works on paper. Curated by Andrea Bellini, the show brings together 54 works, dating from the end of the 1960s until today. Griffa’s artistic research – one of the most important figures of Italian abstract painting and the neo-avant-garde – is based on three fundamental coordinates: rhythm, sequence and sign. As the artist himself has said in an interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist, each drawing does not represent a “plan for a painting”, even if in many cases it provides ideas for later pieces. Instead drawing constitutes an independent aspect of his work, a sort of parallel activity to painting. His delicate drawings and watercolors, using different formats, express the power of his large canvases. Behind Griffa’s works on paper is the idea of the “memory” of the sign – the wish to individuate and practice a simple gesture that man has known and repeated for at least thirty thousand years. Paper ceases to be a receptacle of the finished image, a definitive place, becoming instead a physical fragment of a discontinuous, expanding space. The works on display include, among the others, Paper (1968), Numerazione (1996) and Canone aureo 586 (2014).

Giorgio Griffa: Works on Paper
Curated by Andrea Bellini
Fondazione Giuliani, Rome
Through April 9