goldfish. Nicola Pecoraro

For goldfish, Nicola Pecoraro solo exhibition at Ermes – Ermes, Rome, the artist has intervened inside the building and in the display windows at no. 59 Via della Penna, proposing a set of new works produced this year. The title of the exhibition refers to the commonplace idea that goldfish have a very limited memory: they possess a vague consciousness of their past, but cannot remember it as a whole. Similarly, the works on display seem to evoke memories which are somehow muted, unable to be precise in their recollection. These have been created through intuitive processes of accumulation, erosion or immersion, which makes their origin uncertain and their identity opaque. In order to amplify this aspect, Pecoraro has used the inside of the building and the windows looking out on the street, so that the objects interweave with the space itself. The exhibition is conceived as a sort of suspended narrative, in which all elements
are intrinsically linked to each other, the viewer and the space they occupy.

goldfish by Nicola Pecoraro
Ermes – Ermes, Rome
Through March 16