Vice Versa marks a deepening of the artists’ exploration of colored smoke as the starting point of distinctly reflective objects. An initial action of igniting and photographing multiple smoke flares, gives way to depictions of transforming vapors, disguised as cumulous clouds and transparent washes of color. Printed onto mirrored glass, when installed within the gallery, the works overlay architecture and image, dissolving the boundaries between picture, surface, and site. These blurred distinctions recreate a sense of the artist’s original gesture in the studio, where they temporarily transformed interior space into a swarm of clouds in artificial colors.

Each of the new works develops from the artists’ previous gallery exhibition Untitled Portraits, towards an enhanced visual presence of the smoke. The artists have conveyed highly saturated vapors as mobile, dense, and active, in a nod to the use of smoke flares as signals of urgency and protest. Slick surfaces reveal clouds of colors hovering, expanding, and streaming up into the air.


Vice Versa by Goldschmied & Chiari
Kristen Lorello, New York
Through November 30