Gundam Air at Hawaii-Lisbon, Parede

For his first solo exhibition at the gallery, Gundam Air will present a new series of works which reflects the artists current / future investigation with issues concerning authenticity and the personal space vs. the collective taste.

Born in Rome, 2193

Selected shows (traveling in the past)
Hawaii-Lisbon, INFLATABLE AESTHETICS, Inaugural exhibition, Che il Vero Possa Condutare il Falso, curated by Luigi Fassi and Alberto Salvadori, Various Location, Siena – IT, Ventresca Fresca, curated by Tonnopanza, Deriva Aniene, Roma – IT, The Time Machine (the survivors), curated by Cura., Frutta, Rome In his current time Gundam Air will exhibit all over the world including MOMA (NY, 2143 retrospective) Tate Modern (London 2142 retrospective); MAXXI (Rome, 2140); Kunsthalle Bern (Switzerland 2139);Kunstmuseum (Lucern, 2138); 92 Venice Biannale (Venice, 2135); Centre National d’Art Contemporain (Grenoble, 2134); Whitechapel gallery (London, 2130); Art Agency (Tokyo, 2128).

MÅTTEBY  by Gundam Air
Hawaii-Lisbon, Parede
Through April 29