Karl Holmqvist and Klara Liden at Indipendenza, Rome

The show has been purposely made to fit into the rooms of the turn of the century apartment in Rome where Indipendenza has its exhibition space.

The title may refer to the artists having worked on-site to combine a selection of videos, prints, paintings, sculptures and wall texts.
There is a room-sized installation made from discarded cardboard in which is shown the video NHITE WOICE from 2015 where the two artists are seen attempting to do a synchronised set of dance moves as a comment on the terms of collaboration and the need for individual artistic expression. Other parts include a never-ending spoken word video and a hidden seating area for reading, or else a place where one can simply catch glimpses of Roman city life as seen through the open balcony door.

The themes of interaction and isolation, the public and private and of hiding and seeking linger in the rooms of the exhibition space where numerous traces of previous occupants are still also left to be seen.

Lavoro by Karl Holmqvist and Klara Liden
Indipendenza, Rome
Through September 9