Little Planet Pavilion at Operativa, Rome

Little Planet Pavilion shapes its name from Music from a small planet, a BBC documentary dated 1983 and dedicated to the story of the musical selection engraved on the Golden Record that, in 1977, was launched on board of the space probe Voyager, as anthropological testimony of life on earth desinated to extraterrestrial life or future generations. In the wake of this suggestion, the group show strewn between the two blue screens created by Parasite 2.0 for The domestic promised land: the desert, the net and the bones, first solo show of the collective, looks like an exploded time capsule, wing for reflections on human species and nature’s history, and for the search for a dialogue between those two sides in every futuristic alternative. All works exhibited are the outcome of different generations, aligned by similar queries; the practice of young international artists here acts as joining link between the avant-garde experimentations of radical artists and designers, whose works come from Carlo Pratis’ private collection, and the contemporary research of Parasite 2.0.

Works by Giovanni Delvecchio & Andrea Magnani, Joe Hamilton, Ugo La Pietra, Nicolás Lamas, Gino Marotta, Brenna Murphy, Rick Silva, Anna Solal, Ettore Sottsass, Superstudio.

Little Planet Pavilion, curated by Zoe De Luca
Operativa Art Contemporanea, Rome
Through February 2