Lorenzo Pace at ADA, Rome

Reef: Coral Reef, one of the most spectacular marvels of nature that in the collective imagination leads to tropical landscapes and paradise atmospheres.

But it is not always like that…

The coral reef is a living structure that protects coasts and villages from floods and storms, whose composition, largely made of corals, anemones and sponges, brings itself to feed on all it is able to catch and absorb in its vicinity, thus becoming a lethal obstacle for innumerable marine creatures.

Pace is attracted to everything that holds, absorbs, reflects, crystallizes: supports such as walls, sponges and mirrors, convert themselves into an ellipse in the narration of contemporary stories.

Materials in his work delineate concealed meanings, rendering visible the plot of a story and making the forms rise into contents.

So the parallel takes place between the sponge wall, Reef, an imposing structure made of sponges and small painted canvases, and the coral reef: a frontier, a very high brick wall, which at this moment of time interferes with the achievement of a place of salvation, absorbing the story and the despair of those who are being rejected from this wall.

In the same way, Last Resort, puts into effect the materialization of contemporary occurrences, representing this peculiar wording with a heavy chain culminating in just two buoys, a mirage of freedom.


Reef by Lorenzo Pace
ADA, Rome
Through January 18, 2018