Mark Handforth at GBE Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, Rome

Mark Handforth’s upcoming exhibition at Sant’Andrea de Scaphis centers around a new work, Panda Disponibile, the carcass of a FIAT Panda, covered with lighted candles, dripping wax.

Set in the context of the deconsecrated 8th century church, the work evokes an altarpiece to discarded industry. The Panda’s still-working headlamps illuminate the church along with the flickering glow of the candles, suggesting a symbiosis between the romantic and the mechanical while presenting a gentle threat, a ghost of the vehicle’s original life as a gasoline-powered machine now covered in tiny flames. These melting candles become prayers to the angels of history, as we peer into a dark and uncertain future.

Analog Spring by Mark Handforth
GBE Sant’ Andrea de Scaphis, Rome
Through June 17