Melanie Ebenhoch at HESTER, New York

HESTER is pleased to present Cornflakes, the first US exhibition of works by the Austrian artist Melanie Ebenhoch.
Proposing a taxonomy of objects that renders a house under duress, this exhibition is invested in a thing-based ideological revision of the premises of space and subjecthood materialized through painting. Impression is performed throughout as both a physical and mnemonic procedure negotiating between surface and an implicit abyss. Executed in oil on cast Aqua-Resin, her images’ intercession between these terms is figured in the recursive abstraction of vertigo, which dually allocates and contains perspective.

The specific distribution of point of view is further compromised by weightlessness: yielding a field of objects – torch, house, washing machine, ISS – where gravity applies equally to all masses. By observing, the body in suicide-prone freefall contributes an unobserved exception.

Melanie Ebenhoch
HESTER, New York
Through December 18