Millennial Feminists at L’Inconnue, Montreal

The term millennial in this exhibition refers to a specific generation of women artists who do not shy away from being identified as feminist, and whose work equally deals with traditional understandings of feminism that involve femininity, gender, love, sex and relationships through a consumerist and neoliberalist culture, involving labour, data and new technologies.

What brings together these five international artists under a loose umbrella of feminisms is the methodologies they engaged with to deal with similar themes. While the term millennial might connect us to the use of internet culture and a socially networked world, it is equally their humorous approach to love that brings them together in this exhibition.

Eleni Bagaki, Beatrice Marchi, Athena Papadopoulos, Hannah Perry, Anna Uddenberg.

Millennial Feminists
Curated by Sarah McCutcheon Greiche
L’inconnue, Montreal
Through July 15