Morning uber, evening oscillators at Seventeen, London

The exhibition, hosts in Seventeen spaces, sees the collision of four practices interested in urbanism, negative spaces, fragmentation and dream-states. The use of immediate materials and images, found or from an everyday register, the slowing of time through displacement are proposed as strategies to impede capitalistic modes of production. Representing our exaggerated consumption and the flattening of diversities, the artists unveil deeper narratives of our contemporary culture.

I took an uber at dawn to go to the airport.
I asked the driver what time he had started working, I am his last job, he replied.
I wondered how many times per week he kept this schedule. Four to five he said, you know, I’d rather drive at night, London is too busy during the day.

I asked, how his sleep pattern was, if he was sleeping during day and how did that feel?

Weird, he never really rested, he said, the light and the consciousness of the waking world didn’t let him feel properly rested. And if your productivity and consumption are set to night, everything changes, he added.
I felt, I knew what he meant.

The show is organised by Attilia Fattori Franchini, and the artists present are VALIE EXPORT, Eloise Hawser, Sebastian Lloyd Rees and Hannah Perry.

Morning uber, evening oscillators
Seventeen, London
Through December 17