Nature Theater of Violent Succession. Max Hooper Schneider

High Art in Paris is hosting until November 28 a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Max Hooper Schneider. Nature Theater of Violent Succession brings together new works that create “Trans-Habitats”, worlds – according to Barbara Hooper – that “materialize and dramatize in diverse ways nature conceived in a specifically Spinozan mode”. These Trans-Habitats, she continues, “are not attempts to ‘represent’ or ‘model’ nature; they are nature. There is no artifice. Everything, including the gallery, is a Trans-Habitat. Nothing escapes. Nature is exactly what exists”. Among the works on show are The Discovery of VHS, where “an unclassifiable tree with an externalized rhizosphere sprouts from a resin-slicked, VHS stump removed from an abandoned 18-wheeler truck and playing the grainy blossom of a lost concert video”; The Extinction of Neon 2, a cross section of used and forgotten fragments of neon signs displayed inside a tropical junkyard in miniature; Sink From Foreclosed Morgue; Friend (Avian Endoskeleton); The Plaguewielder; Landscape Triptych; Cold War Dishwasher (Uranium Glass).

Nature Theater of Violent Succession
by Max Hooper Schneider

High Art, Paris
Through November 28