Nick Oberthaler and Nico Vascellari at Emanuel Layr, Rome

By using pure pigment and binder, applied with a brush on the walls and re-structuring the yet still fresh white cube of the gallery, Nick Oberthaler creates a setting within the existing boundaries of the space, to render possible a new consideration: a staging without a stage. Within this “painted box”, he installs three new paintings, which on one side refer to the early arrow paintings of french conceptual painter Martin Barré (Untitled/Witness the Change #2 and #3, both acrylics on canvas, 2017) and then again (Untitled/VdS3, acrylics on canvas, 2017) where the floorplan of the gallery space turns into a casual abstract composition in the vein of the Cercle et Carré movement.

Context converts into content, whereas the painted walls and architectural elements of the gallery space might recall Giorgio de Chirico’s metaphysical staged arrangements: the inside confronting the outside.


Nico Vascellari, Ghost Series

The ghosts are conjunctions between worlds. The alive and the dead. Inside and outside. Private and public. Gallery and street. In the intimacy of silence I can hear voices talking to me.



CABRIO by Nick Oberthaler featuring Nico Vascellari
Galerie Emanuel Layr, Rome
Through November 11