Parasite 2.0 & Agreements To Zinedine – ATZ at Terraforma

Terraforma Playground is a place for interaction largely based on the activities that it can support. Sitting on Terraforma Playground, for instance, means to be disturbed by the soft, vulnerable shapes capable of brooding about the actions done and accomplished. Terraforma Playground is the sum of all the colors that an early summer park may donate; a vision that can be actually moulded as a substantial shape. Terraforma Playground can be an architecture or – even more – a place where kids get together every day asking it: are you an enemy or an animal? Terraforma Playground is conceived as a non-regulated free game.

The project is based on the tradition of the post-war adventure playgrounds; a pedagogical interaction tool in which all-age children users can experience new ways of collective thinking and synergy between different subjects and habitats. The Terraforma Playground was thus imagined as a way of collecting the experiences of Agreements To Zinedine (ATZ) with Plllla Plllla (maybe plants platform), Parasite 2.0 with Life in the Woods and YAP MAXXI 2016, blending different materials, experiences and approaches. A series of components that recall natural shapes and biological elements using artificial materials obtained from plastic recycling processes, representing a completely artificial nature through the creation of strong contrasts. The installation counterposes the idea of the “Sustainable Festival” by subverting the very concept of sustainability in the Anthropocene Era. Terraforma Playground is therefore a pedagogic tool to experience non-hierarchical ways of giving shape to the human habitat; it is also a mean of dealing with the era of definitive human impact on the planet and the loss of the limit between nature and artifice. How can we imagine pedagogical platforms and tools so as to rethink our way of confronting the planet and its anthropization?

Terraforma Playground is a structure made by Agreements To Zinedine (ATZ) and Parasite 2.0 with the support of Operativa Arte Contemporanea within the space of Villa Arconati; an abstract morphology with multiple possibilities.

Terraforma Playground by Parasite 2.0 & Agreements To Zinedine – ATZ
Terraforma Festival, Milan