Rui Toscano — Out of a Singularity

Language: English, Italian
Format: 14 x 20 cm
Pages: 64
Text by: Gianluca Brogna
Edition of 500 copies
February 2012
ISBN: 978-88-905239-8-4
€ 5.00

Produced by Ex Elettrofonica, Rome

The book is the final moment of the exhibition by Rui Toscano Universo Parallelo – Out of a Singularity, curated by Gianluca Brogna, in the spaces of Ex Elettrofonica, Rome. In the book, the Italian and English texts by the curator and Paulo Cunha Silva, introduce to a rich color and black-and-white iconographic apparatus in which the images of the works make known the demystification of the artistic object made by Toscano, according to a quotation-based and multidisciplinary approach which plays on the collective imaginary and on a cosmic vision. So the recognition of the limits of scientific inquiry is accompanied by a visual and conceptual synthesis which favors the development of a critical conscience capable of challenging art and its processes.