Sislej Xhafa at MAXXI, Rome

BENVENUTO! Sislej Xhafa, curated by Hou Hanru and Luigia Lonardelli, on view at MAXXI, Rome until October 2, gathers together about 30 works by the Kosovan artist, spanning his career from the 1990s through to the present. Installed in the spaces of MAXXI’s Gallery 2, the works are presented avoiding a chronological order. In the pieces on display the artist deals with the issues of identity, nationality and migration through an ironic and subversive approach. Association in Yellow (2009), on show here at MAXXI, consists of an oversize jacket on which is printed a list of New York lawyers taken from the Yellow Pages. Beh-Rang (2004) is a video filmed in Kabul and featuring a burning bicycle; Giuseppe (2003-007), instead, is a sculpture in black marble representing Garibaldi with a plastic bag and a number of sugar cubes in his hand – a reflection on the concept of the modern hero. The show also features My Garden (2011-16) which sees the gallery floor scattered with pieces of paper, bags, empty bottles, plastic cutlery and objects commonly considered to be rubbish, to form a postmodern “garden”. Paradiso (2003), finally, installed in the museum piazza, features a plastic table with four chairs and an umbrella under a neon of the word “Paradiso”.

BENVENUTO! by Sislej Xhafa
Through October 9