Tacky Glue. Dylan Spaysky

Clifton Benevento, New York is hosting until December 19 Tacky Glue, a solo exhibition of recent work by Detroit-based artist Dylan Spaysky. Carved, whittled, glued and plumbed, Spaysky’s artworks possess a homespun temperament that might point toward the handiwork of a garage hobbyist or homemaker. Carpeted sculptures resembling cat towers are contorted to evoke figures with bad posture; holiday decorations are compressed into wreath-like Tondo assemblages, while dish sponges are hacked into tiny cappuccinos. In order to create his works, Spaysky pulls material from thrift stores, reflecting on the ideas of abandonment and endurance. A new series of sculptures draw upon “door harps” as their inspiration. Bending themes of domesticity with decorative impulse, his work gleefully expresses an inability to make amends with authenticity. Among the works on show are Fruit Clock, Christmas Wreath, Fluffy Tower, Stripes Tower, Duck Door Harp and Tulip Field Door Harp, all from 2015.

Tacky Glue by Dylan Spaysky
Clifton Benevento, New York
Through December 19