è stato bello pensarti
(it was nice thinking of you)

ADA Project, Rome

 Oct 5 – Nov 30, 2019 

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Hi Carla,

Lately, I have sought new needs and the hard times we are experiencing have made me the task increasingly difficult, the intensity of the questions I ask myself is always the same, but the results have inevitably changed. As always I looked around and to do so I started from myself, from within. The young nature that animates me is that of a privileged person who can choose to remain motionless, to appropriate a color and watch it circulate fast like arterial blood in the thousands of Blue tunnels, that come out of my memory and my identity.  I saw the end of a banquet, the remnant of the binge and the inevitable emptiness that comes from it, a returnable container, a calculated void, clean in its absence of decoration, essential in the forms that keep it standing. I imagined a little applause and a little smile. "Hello everyone, Bravo everyone!" is what the old woman would say at her last birthday, the expanse of empty parcels in front of her seems to echo a minimal “goodbye”, the beauty of what is finished. Here arose another question, that which was consumed, what does it mean?

If the meaning is only a human concept, is it necessary to ask me for its shape?

I could not separate myself from myself and then only in the action I met the need that I told you at the beginning. I saw a bullet, gleaming heirloom with a single purpose, that will no longer be worth the money that he has always wanted to take, but will activate an external exchange to the exhibition being bartered for my weight in flesh, 80 kg, to be abandoned in the street, like a disposable container. In this action came the sense, the need to try again to express concepts, hope. It was nice thinking of you.



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