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Gavin Brown’s enterprise at Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, Rome is hosting until March 19 After Mirage, a solo exhibition by American artist Joan Jonas. Originally an untitled improvisation by Joan Jonas and the artist James Nares, After Mirage was first performed in the New York gallery 112 Greene Street in 1976. The performance borrowed the tall sculptural cones of Mirage, an earlier performance from the same year, that she and Nares used as musical instruments and amplification devices for sound and voice. After Mirage, as it was later named, was translated into a minimalist installation at 112 Greene Street, comprised of a monitor showing Jonas’s video May Windows (1976) next to two circles of cones, one set made of paper, the other made of metal. The installation at Sant’Andrea de Scaphis recreates the metal cones from the 1976 installation in a single circle alongside the video May Windows. The video features two tall white cones and examines changes in sound and light from Jonas’s home studio. Though the film is purposefully so overexposed that the picture plane becomes void of depth, Jonas nonetheless makes space legible through sound – opening and closing the windows in her loft, walking around the room whistling a tune, the sound of dogs barking in the street, whispering or recreating sounds of a foghorn by blowing through the cones behind the camera. After Mirage exemplifies Jonas’s fundamental bricolage approach in translating non-linear performance into video-performance into single-channel video into installation and vice versa, defying categorization and creating infinite ways of experiencing her work with each new iteration.

After Mirage by Joan Jonas
Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, Rome
Through March 19

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