nighttime floof who never lets me pet him



April 5 – June 22, 2019


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“It’s me. Are you still there, honey?” He called.
After a time the lock released and Arlene stepped outside and shut the door. “Was I gone so long?” She said.
“Well, you were,” he said.
“Was I?” She said. “ I guess I must have been playing with Kitty.”
He studied her, and she looked away, her hand still resting on the doorknob.
“It’s funny,” she said. “You know – to go in someone’s place like that.”
He nodded, took her hand from the knob, and guided her toward their own door. He let them into their apartment.
“It is funny,” he said.
He noticed white lint clinging to the back of her sweater, and the color was high in her cheeks. He began kissing her on the neck and hair and she turned and kissed him back.
“Oh, damm,” she said. “Damn, damn,” she sang, girlishly clapping her hands. “I just remembered. I really and truly forgot to do what I went over there to do. I didn’t feed Kitty or do any watering.” She looked at him. “Isn’t that stupid?”.

– Raymond Carver, Neighbors (from Short Cuts, 1993)


Courtesy of the artist and La Plage, Paris
Photo by Aurélien Mole

Zabludowicz Collection, London
With No Friends but the Mountains, Kunstverein Göttingen presents Melike Kara’s first institutional solo show in Germany. The artist, who is based in Cologne, shares a personal view of her Kurdish-Alevist roots using photography, painting and installation with questions regarding ancestry, tradition and community. Kunstverein Göttingen
He explores the relationships between philosophy and nature, the personal and the political, destruction and construction, and what he calls nonhuman and human agents. Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Bologna Centrale
Gagosian, London
Kunsthalle Zurich
Peres Projects, Berlin
Gladstone Gallery, New York