Caroline Achaintre

Fondazione Giuliani, Rome

24 June – 10 October, 2020


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Excerpt from press release

Achaintre’s practice is rooted in an interest in German Expressionisim and Primitivism, out of which some of the main themes in her production develop. Her mask-like creations are deeply linked to Western ethnographic collections, the notion of duality, and accompany us in a carnival parade of the absurd. The beauty of her work lies in the distortion, in the uncanny, in the co-existence of darkness and light as complementary parts of a single being. Her ink and watercolour drawings are both figurative and abstract, and explore her interest in the psychological analyses of Rorschach tests, sci-fi and horror films, and the aestethetics of heavy metal music.


If the wall hangings hypnotise us with their playfullness, the viscous quality of the ceramics elegantly seduces us with more or less explict references to the controversial world of the fetish. The ceramics’ lustrous surfaces contrast with the decidedly warmer and more familiar tufted pieces, creating a tension that encourages the viewer to converse with a cast of animated and multifaceted characters. The textile works, in particular, incorporate multiple characters that coexist within the coloured weaves of the threads, evoking shamanic and animistic aspects that pervade Achaintre’s artistic production. The way in which the artist’s works are filled with humour, coming to life before our eyes, is also accentuated by the Dadist approach used by the artist when titling the works, often arising from the same flow of free associations from which the sculptures come to life.

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Photo: Giorgio Benni

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