text by Paola Clerico

Case Chiuse HQ, Milan 

Feb 13 – April 18, 2020 

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Case Chiuse #08 marks the opening of our studio: a physical space, the hub of our activities, which will continue to unfold in respect of the key concepts dear to us: flexibility, experimentation and that search for lightness capable of suspending us – albeit only for a moment – in a not strictly codified time.

Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico started life in February 2014 as a wandering platform of artistic production. For five years, we devised and staged exhibitions, occupying private and inaccessible places, opening them up to the public for the duration of the exhibition, always staged in close collaboration with artists, galleries and curators who worked at our side with great passion.
This ‘wandering’, both physical and mental, proved to be the source of great freedom and inspiration, and will remain a primary connotation of the work of Case Chiuse, both for the projects held in our new space and all those which we shall continue to stage elsewhere.

Tarek Abbar, A Constructed World, Roberto Coda Zabetta, Gabriele De Santis, Nick Devereux, Tamara Henderson, Carlo Valsecchi and Nico Vascellari have been invited to take part, leaving them complete freedom as far as the proposal of works is concerned. The intention is that of celebrating the work carried out together, without seeking an umbrella title or a common thread.

And so, you are hereby invited to cross the threshold of the new space and let yourselves be taken on a sort of journey where everyone may find his or her own personal narrative. Like in the previous editions of Case Chiuse, we intervened in the space in via Rosolino Pilo 14 with minimal technical and functional interventions. This is a precise choice, determined by the desire not to constitute a pre-defined exhibition container, opting instead for a flexible space, adaptable and modifiable on the basis of the needs of the artists and of future projects.

Were there a leitmotiv in all this, I might dare to seek it out in the attempt to redefine our gaze.

Nico Vascellari. Courtesy of the artist and Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico  
Tamara Henderson. Courtesy of the artist, Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico and Rodeo Gallery, London  
Gabriele De Santis. Courtesy of the artist and Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico  
Nick Devereux. Courtesy of the artist and Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico  

Photos by Henrik Blomqvist

Featured Image
Roberto Coda Zabetta. Courtesy of the artist and Case Chiuse by Paola Clerico

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