XXV CSAV – Artists’ Research Laboratory

July 13, 2019
from 6pm

Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como

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This July, 19 more or less young international artists meet at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti to work together and individually with Ei Arakawa, Kasper König and Nora Schultz.

Events It’s coming: Live concert (probably): Zero Desire (former 12 Angry Men), Squiggles, Performances, Casual Loops (or Causal Loops), Food, Drinks, maybe Music, Dogs, Nice park with tremendous view, David Guetta, casual local grindr dates, guests from Milan, Kasper the friendly ghost, hypnotist doggo, spasmodic connections, lemons are ripe, Lottery, Ei&Nik, Small-talk about Russian Dolls, pocket betrayals, thoughtful negotiators, Café Abyss, caffè disaffecto, binge watching, no swimming (toes might fall off), cash prize, no pool but(t) floating devices! Three drinks only! Formal yet sensual clothing is required (aka flip flops and swimsuit or naked), Arto.


With: Ei Arakawa, Ilan Bachl, Lorenzo Benedetti, Pietro Bonfanti, Marc Buchy, Letizia Calori & Violette Maillard, Amos Cappuccio, Nikolas Gambaroff, Daniel Jablonski, Stefan Klein, Kasper König, Wes Lario, Laura Leppert, Douna Lim & Théo Pesso, Gregorio Magnani, Edoardo Manzoni, Michael Sven Meier, Tomás Nervi, Deirdre O’Leary, Annie Ratti, Alan Segal, Nora Schultz, Paulo Wirz, Eleni Wittbrodt.

Galleria Massimo Ligreggi, Catania
Violet Dennison deals with the dynamics and fragility of complex technological and biological systems. Her installations refer to ecosystems and infrastructures that permeate and shape our lived environments in ways that often go unnoticed. At Kunstverein Freiburg
Galerie Rolando Anselmi, Berlin
Valentin, Paris
LABOR, Mexico City
Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples
Lulu, Mexico City
Galleria Christian Stein, Milan