MacGuffin as a bottle / a bottle as a MacGuffin

Created by the british director Alfred Hitchcock, the MacGuffin is an extremely contradictory object, fundamental to the purpose of narration and at the same time absolutely irrelevant. Genius and cruel.

Imperfect but crucial.
But what is really a MacGuffin?
Everything and nothing.
A disturbing pretext, an obscure expedient that feeds on the insatiable curiosity of the spectators and then clashes violently with the harsh transience of their expectations.
The MacGuffin is therefore a fulfilling disappointment that inextricably binds anyone who looks at the indecipherable object and at a quotationist imaginary with purely cinematic and iconographic contours.

The Artists:
Sara Enrico (Biella, 1979)
Gaia Di Lorenzo (Rome, 1991)
Alessandro Di Pietro (Milan, 1987)
Andrea Polichetti (Rome, 1989)
Marta Ravasi (Milano, 1987)

The Jury:
Edoardo Bonaspetti (curator, Milan)
Francesco Simeti (artist, New York)
Emanuel Layr (gallerist, Wien/Rome)
Mauro De Iorio (art collector, Verona)
Paola Maina (Birra Menabrea press office, Turin)
Danilo Ruggiero (president of Untitled Association, Rome)

Promoted by Untitled Association

The Menabrea Art Prize was founded in 2011 by Untitled Association and Birra Menabrea. The annual award aims to promote emerging Italian artists working with a variety of media – from video to sculpture, and from graphic design to collage – and who are not yet represented by art galleries.
The contest aims to explore a variety of artistic studies and approaches, thus representing a true challenge for all of the participating artists.
For the first four editions, the five finalists and the theme of Menabrea Art Prize had been selected by CURA., media partner of Untitled Association initiatives.