Press release

As every year, we—the Art Institute, FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel—try to create a language to come closer to those of you considering coming and studying with us. The moment is very special because it implies a search on both sides: young artists looking for the right context and we looking for those that could enlarge our family. This year we say “art is kinship” because we want to stress that the choice of an art school should not be based solely on ideas, but also on the fundamental values that are lived in the place.

Kinship refers to the importance of making choices based on our feelings. Feelings of love, care, empathy… feelings able to create bonds among individuals, emotions that enable us to negotiate our social relations through caring practices over our life cycle from birth to death. Art is a practice, and as such relies on habits, in the making of new possibilities through doing and interaction. Equality and the rights of nature are at the core of the master’s program at the Art Institute. These are not subjects or topics of study, but the values, ideals, and discourses that define our seminars, international symposia, Summer Schools, exhibitions, and artistic projects. The core team of our master’s program is formed by Birgit Kempker, Roman Kurzmeyer, Renée Levi, Mathilde Rosier, Filipa Ramos, Chus Martínez, and Quinn Latimer. However, mentoring and support are also available from our visiting guests, technical staff, and research assistants. 

Students can enjoy amazing workshops and technical facilities at both the Art Institute and the Campus of the Arts. We foster a love of combining reflective practices and encourage students not to be afraid of trying different ways of doing things, learning skills with digital and analog machines. Our two-year international program master’s program only accepts twenty students per year, and the Art Institute has around one hundred students in total. As a result, the program is defined by our belief in the importance of friendship and companionship as well as supporting each other. 

In addition, the Art Institute and its exhibition space der TANK are located on the Campus of the Arts, a hub for creativity and artistic practices. This proximity to other art institutions and our outstanding workshops make the Art Institute a very special place for art production. The application deadline for our Master of Arts program is 15 March 2021. More information about the program and the admission process can be found online. Please get in touch with us for more information if you are interested in our programs: / T +41 61 228 40 77


Featured image: Cheyenne Oswald, verbandet, 2020, Installation view Life, Love, Justice, Graduation Exhibition Bachelor and Master Art Institute HGK FHNW, Kunsthaus Baselland, 2020. Photo: Christian Knörr