curated by Alessandra Prandin

Cac Passerelle, Brest

June 8 – August 31, 2019 

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Press Release

Videographers who work with slippages, trajectories, transformative videographers, videographers of the real… Ce sont les îles qui se déplacent presents a selection of video works that question the world with a large diversity of approaches, where the fluctuation of images, the vertigo of waiting, of narrative displacement or ways of reading the present day are all prevalent at once. It is less about reproducing the real than producing a dream, where the viewer slowly slips into a day-dream.
The program is articulated in three parts – with a new program each month – like islets carried by the currents, where we are invited to discover a medium-length film, backed up by a selection of short videos.

Between displacement and contemplation, Face aux images presents works where the recurrent theme of the trajectory or of the chase – intended as a performative gesture or as an introspective and cinematic space (Samir Ramdani, Adrián Balseca, Gregory Buchert) interacts with the motif of the stance of the artist as a kind of lookout, whose conceptual approach questions the limits of perception (Anne-Charlotte Finel, Ismaïl Bahri).
Face aux miroirs, presents three stories; three portraits willfully dreamlike, whose images flirt with the surreal and the bizarre. The videos take the form of a metaphysical documentary, of an autobiographical narrative and of a mysterious and fantastical portrait. They also provide strong examples of the link between the artist and his or her subject. (Anush Hamzehian and Vittorio Mortarotti, Laida Lertxundi, Marie Losier). Face aux réel gathers together videos that scrutinize the world that surrounds us, whether it is “small” history or great History, our relationship to otherness, to globalization or to democracy, without ever quite becoming documentaries (Pinar Öğrenci, Giulio Squillacciotti, Enrique Ramírez, Ariane Loze).

Ce sont les îles qui se déplacent includes works by Ismaïl Bahri, Gregory Buchert and Enrique RamÍrez – whose video Trois faisceaux lumineux, blancs et rotatifs served as inspiration for the title. These works were produced during the artists’ residency at the Sémaphore du Créac’h, a project initiated by Marcel Dinahet, founder of Finis terræ.


Adrián Balseca, Ismaïl Bahri, Gregory Buchert, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Anush Hamzehian et Vittorio Mortarotti, Laida Lertxundi, Marie Losier, Ariane Loze, Pinar Öğrenci, Samir Ramdani, Enrique Ramírez, Giulio Squillacciotti

Photo by Aurélien Mole

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