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MAY 20 – JULY 5, 2013

A group show on the loss of control

(Tomaso De Luca) 
(Billy Rennekamp) 
(Luca Francesconi) 
(Fortune Cookies) 
(installation view) 
(installation view) 
(Domenico Antonio Mancini) 
(Matthieu Palud) 
(Anna Franceschini) 
(Jean-Baptiste Lenglet) 
(Roger Van Voorhees) 
(Trevor Shimizu) 
(installation view) 
(MacGregor Harp) 
(Riccardo Benassi) 
(installation view) 
(Olav Westphalen) 
(Shimon Minamikawa) 

Andrea Baccin, Luca Francesconi, Ilaria Gianni, Ilaria Marotta, Costanza Paissan

Riccardo Benassi, David Bernstein, Marco Bongiorni, Ethan Breckenridge, Cristian Chironi, Taylan Cihan, Jonas Delaborde, Tomaso De Luca, Gabriele De Santis, Gregory Edwards, Anna Franceschini, Liam Gillick, Tyron Grillo, MacGregor Harp, Silvia Hell, Irina Kholodnaya, Jean-Baptiste Lenglet, Domenico Antonio Mancini, Shimon Minamikawa, Matthieu Palud, Andrés Ramirez, Billy Rennekamp, Lisa Sanditz, Sigrid Sandström, Angelo Sarleti, Trevor Shimizu, Rita Sobral Campos, Christopher Stark, Lisa Tan, Elena Tavecchia, The Ister, Alice Tomaselli, Ricardo Valentim, Elise Vandewalle, Roger van Voorhees, Chiara Vecchiarelli, Olav Westphalen, Jocko Weyland.

Chinese Whispers is a project on role reversal, loss of control and chaos. At the end of a process, which lasted about a month and started with an invitation by the five curators to an interlocutor, the show includes, in the current last stage, more than forty artists, curators, musicians, poets and collectives from over ten different countries. The exhibition will take place at cura.basement space on May 20th. It is the result of a layering of suggestions that step by step had inspired a variety of works, traces and interventions, summarizing a reflection on the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion, and on the dynamics of building a visual, aesthetic, conceptual imaginary extended to an entire community.

For years, Swiss artist Yves Scherer has made celebrity culture the subject of his artistic practice. But where his work used to focus on individual stardom and the obsession of the public eye with one particular being, this scope has shifted. Basement Roma
For the artist, Where is Luna? becomes the stage of a theater of the absurd, where, as an acute observer of other people’s lives, he places at the center of his research, finding a specific context, the people who dwell in it and the habits that regulate it, in a renewed orchestration of the banal daily life of a tiny pet salon. Basement Roma.
Scientists do not know how life began on Earth. As a matter of fact we cannot know for sure what happened four billion years ago. It is largely accepted that life formed in a primordial hot soup of organic chemicals and that a bacterium is the common ancestor of all life.
Nico Vascellari takes over the Roman underground spaces from February, 21 to March, 21 for a series of five evening events. The first four dates are limited to 33 participants by invitotion or booking only, while the last night will be a special event, yet to be revealed.
In the frame of Secondo Stile – the nomadic canvas-based artist-run exhibition space, conceived and founded by Paolo Chiasera in 2013 – Anagramma is a group exhibition, curated by CURA.
For La Ligne Claire, Comte introduces new meaning to Formalism, sourcing original uses for geometric and organic forms which continuously challenge the limits of abstraction.
Mythologies are dead, they have always been. But even as corpses, they’ve been used as political strategies to manipulate fiction and facts. Fictional narratives have defined culture, its historicity, its legacy. Drama. Goosebumps visible in our skin.
Papadopoulos creates environments that could be home to a dream-like, hedonistic cast of characters who are celebrating being alive every second but who cannot help but relish in the larger, darker and more complex meanings of life.