Pink Dusts

Sept 5 – Oct 11, 2019 

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Press Release

For his solo exhibition, Peruvian artist Daniel Jacoby takes a look at Lima shopping center Polvos Rosados. Comprised of hundreds of small self-run stalls selling anything from candies, to snickers, to DVD’s, this popular shopping destination has thrived into a glaring, gigantic establishment. One of Jacoby’s interests lies in the effect that the ever-cheaper decorative elements, like LED strips and lasers, have at creating the sensation of modernity even if precarious conditions hide behind.

Polvos Rosados – directly translated to embody the exhibition’s title Pink Dusts – serves as the starting point for a series of slim-shaped pieces, cut in MDF and finished in varying pastel colors. The ends of these limb-resembling, wavy lines are dressed in black female socks, panties and brassieres, as if they were fragments of mannequins from an underwear stall mashed together.

Continuing with the motivations of his sculpture series Sydney, which explores the creative techniques Peruvian shops use to display clothes in the most space-efficient way possible, Jacoby takes these new set of works literally to a whole new level: the ceiling. All works in the exhibition hang, at different heights, from the top of the gallery and rotate over their own axes.

To enhance the works with the same aspiration of modernity mentioned above, Jacoby has equipped them with LED strips, thus making the space look like one of those overly crowded lamp shops that also fascinate him. The animated glowing of these “lamps”, flashing asynchronously in constantly changing colors, is manually choreographed from a switchboard by the artist himself.

To accompany the light-emitting rhythm, Brussels-based composer Charlie Usher (1987, UK) has composed the exhibition’ s soundtrack, which he will play live during the opening.


Photos by Aurélien Mole

Cac Passerelle, Brest
Sprovieri Gallery, London
T293, Rome
JTT, New York
Ermes-Ermes, Cologne
Gió Marconi, Milano
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Galerie Emanuel Laye, Rome