A Milano non si usa

Federico Vavassori, Milan


September 14 – October 12, 2018

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Mr President, Mr Vice-President of two Vice-Presidents, your speech was particularly complex but it highlighted a remarkable constitutional con ict of interests.

You were not appointed by the President of the Republic, you were appointed by Mr Di Maio. This is a Salvini go- vernment that had President Berlusconi as its president, who appointed Salvini to make a government, and Salvini did. Salvini can be said to be a successful Bersani: you have not allowed Bersani to do what Salvini has managed to do to you, reducing Mr Di Maio to be the next Alfano. An extraordinary future indeed. On the other hand I admire Molteni’s speech, so extremist that I believe that in addition to the unforgettable day, here we are going to have a non-existent majority, since I really want to see with what courage the deputies of the Five Star Movement will vote for the program indicated by Molteni. They will vote the program against whichever non-Christian marriage; I understand that, but there are many ways, many ways at all.

And then one day someone will say that this is an illegi- timate government, and precisely because I thrive where disorder and ignorance reign, I will give this government my vote of con dence. A full con dence, to see your de- cline, already vivid in your words, in your inconsistencies. I would like to remind you that a democratic debate could have given rise to suggestions from Forza Italia to vote for Salvini as their ally. Today, in all the Italian local ad- ministrations in which we vote, Lega and Forza Italia are together in Italy and are against each other in the Parlia- ment. Something is not working. I will then remember what Jung used to say: “The limit of the Trinity is not to incorporate the devil to make a quater- nity». Let’s incorporate the Five Star and let’s make them die.


Vittorio Sgarbi, speech at the Chamber of Deputies on the occasion of the vote of con dence to the Conte govern- ment (June 6, 2018, Palazzo Montecitorio, Rome).

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