Direction Artiste II

VI, VII, Oslo 

Nov 8-24, 2018

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The question of what an artist is, and what it’s role in today's society could be, is central to the work of David Lieske. Since his first exhibition, Atlantis (2006), which dealt with credibility issues in the rhetoric of the creative act, the tension between the artistic and the non-artistic runs through his entire oeuvre.

In magazine publishing, art directors ensure that their clients' desired message and image is conveyed to consumers. They are responsible for the overall visual aspects of a media product and may coordinate the work of other artistic or design staff, such as graphic designers, photographers and writers.

The exhibition Direction Artiste II is a re-staging of Lieske’s exhibition Direction Artistewhich originally took place in Munich in 2017.


courtesy of VI, VII, Oslo
photo by Christian Tunge

Here, in the building where Georges Bizet wrote his masterpiece Carmen in 1875, Matt Copson premieres a bildungsroman opera in three laser-projected parts: Age of Coming, Coming of Age and Of Coming Age. His opera tells the story of a baby at odds with a vengeful god, who tries to convince him that life is miserable and cruel, and nothing more. On view High Art, Paris
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