CURA. releases the seventh selection of its weekly SOLITUDE PLAYLIST. For this chapter the tracks have been chosen by CURA. and Mauro Hertig, Camille Henrot, David Horvitz, Charlie Fox, Margot Norton, Sam Bardaouil, Frank Benson, Prem Sahib, Patrizio Di Massimo, Cloé Perrone.

Mauro Hertig. I lie by David Lang, sung by Theatre of Voices
Camille Henrot. Speed My Speed by Alain Kan
David Horvitz. Moss Garden by David Bowie
Charlie Fox. Leon’s House by John Lurie.
Margot Norton. Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone
Sam Bardaouil. هالعيون (Those Eyes) by Tania Saleh
Frank Benson. Problem Areas by Oneohtrix Point Never
Prem Sahib. Sunshower by Nami Shimada
CURA. Rhinestone Eyes by Gorillaz
CURA. Godzilla by Eminem feat. Juice WRLD
Patrizio Di Massimo. The Cold Song by Klaus Nomi
CURA. Nightcall by Kavinsky
Cloé Perrone. Addio a Cheyenne by Ennio Morricone