text by Thomas Bernhard

Artemis Fontana, Paris

Nov 15 – Dec 2, 2018

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The artificial human being produced the artificial world. Nothing is natural any longer, I said. We start from the premise that everything is natural but that's a fallacy. Everything is artificial, everything is artifice. Nature no longer exists. We always start from the contemplation of nature, when for ages we should have been starting from the contemplation of artifice.
That's why everything's so chaotic. So false. So desperately confused. Where there's no nature there can be no contemplation of nature.


With works by
Edgars Gluhovs, Corinna Gosmaro, Tobias Kaspar, Lucile Littot, Cyril Magnier, Katarzyna Przezwanska, Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld, Erwan Sene, Gaia Vincensini.

Photo by Margot Montigny



Blood In My Milk is the title of a new film and sound installation by Marianna Simnett, conceived for the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition in the US. New Museum, New York
Indipendenza, Rome
Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld
Portikus, Frankfurt
Sprüth Magers, London
Emalin, London
The exhibition seeks to excavate, connect, and understand the extensive range of her techniques, media, and subject-matter, bringing them together cohesively for the first time on a museum platform. Major solo survey dedicated to pioneering feminist artist Judy Chicago at ICA Miami
Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna