Il Damerino (The Dandy)

ADA, Rome 

Feb 9 – March 23, 2019

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I thoroughly gazed at my face in the mirror,
in a meticulous attempt at finding something out of place.
It seemed to me like everything was in order, but I gazed again just to make sure. Carefully I wore the shoes.
Then I picked the cane: the one with the silver lion head, right for the occasion. The lust of seizing that damsel was wearing me out like a fever.
I wanted to rip that floral dress off of her,
and get to her pale flesh to ravage it.

[Diary of a dandy]

A man of taste and affectations, shallow, and kind looking;

The Dandy is a male whose only goal is to conquer, own, and conquer again. The knight in shining armour who has invaded and sacked entire peoples. The male in suit and tie who subjects entire countries.

The Dandy disguises, preens, and dresses himself up: seduction is his suit.
A cayman that dressed in cunning feathers competes in a cock fight.
An ensign with a comforting motto that conceals an atrocious conflict.

The Dandy is never what he seems.


Courtesy of the Artist and ADA, Rome
Photos by Roberto Apa

“I always try to get to the point where there is not just one thing in the painting, one thing shown, but that there is a paradox, an antagonism, a difficulty in the work.” Perrotin, Paris
Despar Teatro Italia, Venice
Moder Art, London
Nomas Foundation, Rome
SALTS, Birsfelden

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