And the things speak with their own voice

Downs & Ross, New York

Jan 13  Feb 24, 2019

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I always enjoyed the Great Master paintings I found in books. Their power and beauty made me wish I could have some of them. I just had to pick up a pencil and start to draw. Art has a way of seeing things like a poem has a way of saying something. And the warp of the abstract can extend beyond "The Outer Limits."

I get bothered sometimes about people that won't understand or don't care about art. They are just missing so much. All the many forms enrich our lives in every way. Consider some of the many art forms. Drawing of course and painting, music and dance, literature and theater, sculpture, architecture, fashion, photography, and even the way we cook our food. What identifies our culture from the culture of another country is virtually an artistic expression.

I like "people subjects" that show an art in living. I know the House built on sand is not strictly a people subject, but it is about people. I try to do some different things.

– Guy Church


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